Trips on offer and its grading.

Each ride is identified by a colour of helmet, these indicate the features and difficulties encountered on that specific trip.

“Rough and Ready” caters for all skill levels from beginners to the more advanced!

Each summary will specify if travel is by Adventure bike, Enduro bike or road bike and the minimum displacement allowed to participate.

The reality and purpose is to avoid someone to rock up on a BMW R1200GSA for the start of the Dakar rally. Love to try it, but we try and stay realistic.

Read the appropriate summary by clicking or following the link in the table to familiarise yourself with these different trips and its requirements.  It’s our duty to ensure that you don’t find yourself on the wrong trip.

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Extreme skill needed Highly skilled riders Intermediate and skilled Beginners and intermediate skill Road trip, open to all, any wheels will do

Note: Black is the more difficult trip and the rider needs much more experience than the Green helmet trip rider! Black, Red, Orange and Green are off road trips whereas Blue is a road trip!

The more difficult rides are usually undertaken with your own bike and rarely with motorcycle hire.
Note!  We are registered for Value added tax (Vat), invoice available!

Some customers say!

Shag Shariff  "Quote"

Honestly, the best thing about the trip is the CAMARADERIE, more so than the scenery or sunrises or the food which were all amazing. I couldn't have done it without the physical and moral support from the group!  A message to the newbie’s out there reading this. If I can do it so you can too. The learning curve is steep, the terrain challenging but it is all worth it. I went from zero to 1600 km of off-road experience in 5 days and will do it all over again in a second. Just remember to get proper ATGATT (all the gear all the time). The boots saved my ankle from a worse injury. P.S. The doctor was more interested of where I went, what I saw, what kind of bike I ride, how far I traveled. He laughed when I said I slept with my boots on as per Rony's advise.

Renette Raugh "Quote"

“But I can say the rides, accommodation, and food that Rony planned were top class and we had lots of great experiences and fun too. I must say I pity the person who tries to put this trip into words as the week made me speechless. I am just unable to translate the experience into mere words. It was just a very special and unique rough and ready experience and I may not be able to put it into words, but I do know that I want to go Rough and Ready again very soon!

Olaf Gartner  "Quote"

This trip is not suitable for vegetarians !!!!
It is a mobile, off-road steakhouse with an open air bar attached. The daily work out takes place in nature with some leisurely, easy excursions up and down the hills to build up an appetite and reasonable thirst. The restaurant manager and various personal trainers assist you with your daily needs. It is probably the best organized fitness centre in the Western Cape. Still looking for words to describe our experience!!
Thank you again, Well done Rough and Ready!

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