Off Road training with a TWIST

This fun filled package is designed to enhance the already proficient rider's skills to a whole new level.

Although it has all the aspects of an "advanced" training course its not called that way for a few reasons!

                Its designed to:
                                         have fun,
                                         get tools to help others,
                                         do silly things,
                                         ride your bike to the fullest,
                                         travel with confidence,
                                         ride safe,
                                         meet like minded riders,
                                         get some party tricks, also on the bike,
                                         did i mention have fun?
These three days keep safety on the fore-front all the time, all skills learned are all relevant to a certain situation one may encounter on his travels Nagggh they not. The weekend will give one the confidence to handle and enjoy his or hers adventure bike to the fullest and more!

Although the basics behind safety on and off the bike have surely being discussed in acourse before this is again repeated here and again protective clothing, riding gear, packing your motorcycle and much more is on the agenda.

The riders attending this "training with a twist" have been riding their motorcycles for a while and have attended a few training courses. they are confident and proficient on their bike and want to do things others dont. They can actually ride very well already but want something more!

There are only a few things you can do on a motorcycle and that is;
                                                                                                                Go left
                                                                                                                Go right
                                                                                                                Go straight
                                                                                                                Go up
                                                                                                                Go down
                                                                                                                mmm and a little backwards

The weekend is spend doing the above in a sliding, flying and screetching way, however clutch, brake and throttle control are of paramount importance. Making new friends and finding new riding partners is all part of this wonderful experience.
The course is conducted in small groups and over three days. Friday morning we start at 08h30 a short lunch break later and on till 17h00 where one can relax and prepare for dinner. On the Saturday and Sunday the same hours apply.

Plenty outrides with some surprises spike each day!

For price and more information, contact us at bookings@roughandready.co.za

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