Sand introduction Course


This introduction course to sand riding will take you to a new level of confidence in riding the dreaded sand paths and patches on your next adventure.

This step by step introduction to the finer points of handling your motorcycle in sand is conducted with safety as the paramount factor.

Riding a motorcycle in sand past the dreaded "Sand monster" is quite simple and just a few basic techniques need to be mastered. Learning from your instructor will give you the confidence initially at slower speeds and eventually at normal travelling pace.  Riding off road is about riding to places not frequently travelled and sand will creep up on you from time to time. You will learn that a weaving motorcycle does not mean its going to fall over, its just looking for the best way forwards. Experience makes these trips safer and more enjoyable. Unfortunately this comes only with “time spend in the saddle” and is as we all know a slow process and some bad habits may be formed while doing it this way.

This course gives the student the opportunity to take a shortcut to good habits and learn from the instructors "time in the saddle" and experience. Therefore a large part of the day is spend on the motorcycle doing basic handling, clutch, brake and throttle control. All this while having fun and spending the day with new friends in a pleasant environment.

The course is normally conducted in small groups but individual training can also be arranged, several venues are available. The course starts at 09h00 in the morning with a short lunch break and ends typically at about 14h00 giving one enough time to make it home at a decent hour!

An “outride” with some surprises closes the day!

Come and beat the Sandmonster! This is not how its done!


For price and more information, contact us at bookings@roughandready.co.za

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Freddy Kleinhans "Quote"

Once again thank you for Saturday's course. The calm way in which you share your experience and wisdom will stand me in good stead in time and sandy conditions to come.

Denis Bartlett "Quote"

Fact is, Rony knows his stuff, and is able to transfer his knowledge well.

Gabriel verhoef "Quote"

Enjoyed myself in sand for a change. Rony is an excellent instructor and his patience certainly paid off.


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