Introduction Course

This introduction course will take the student to a level of riding where he or she feels more at ease on his or her motorcycle.

This step by step introduction to the finer points of handling your motorcycle is conducted with safety as the paramount factor.

The basics behind safety on and off the bike are discussed in dept, protective clothing,
riding gear, packing your motorcycle and much more is on the agenda.

Motorcycle's are about riding the roads and paths of your choice and riding experience makes these trips safer and more enjoyable. Unfortunately this comes only with “time spend in the saddle” and is as we all know a slow process and some bad habits may be formed while doing it this way.

This course gives the student the opportunity to take a shortcut to good habits and learn from the instructors "time in the saddle" and experience. Therefore a large part of the day is spend on the motorcycle doing basic handling, clutch, brake and throttle control. All this while having fun and spending the day with new friends in a pleasant environment.

The course is normally conducted in small groups but individual training can also be arranged, several venues are available. The course starts at 08h30 in the morning with a short lunch break and ends typically at about 15h30 giving one enough time to make it home at a decent hour!

An “outride” with some surprises closes the day!

For price and more information, contact us at bookings@roughandready.co.za

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