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East Namibia and the Koes Pan Rally!

Our first regarding this trip, however quite a few of the roads have been ridden on our previous ventures through this wonderful country, Namibia.
3000 Km round trip from and to Pofadder and fifteen days later it’s all over and you’re back in South Africa.

Using the town of Pofadder as our meeting point gives us the opportunity to sneak over the border at Velloorsdrift and work our way up to Ariamsvlei for our first night in the old South West! Two days later we end up in Stampriet where we will attend a 3-day intermediate course in the Kalahari sand dunes! That on its own is a privilege like non other!

After the weekend we head for the famous “Joe’s Beer house” in Windhoek! Just don’t think you going to ride any black top (Tar) road but in the capital city!
Now on day eight we head back to Koes for the Rally in the Kalahari dunes. It will take us three days to get there and this time you will be prepared, as after the Stampriet experience you should be a pro in sand! To get to Koes we will be going through some very interesting area’s, do a wild camping, find and ride the famous “Rollercoaster”

At Koes, we camp, on Friday its a 200Km rally and on Saturday the drag, dune and obstacle races, feel free to participate or watch. No matter what you do it’s a blast! Sunday, we wrap up and head back to Pofadder and that’s another 3 days of glorious Namibian roads!

Pofadder, Stampriet 3 Days - Intermediate 3 Days - Joe’s beer house, Koes 3 days - Koes rally 3 Days - Koes, Pofadder 3 Days. With a bit of imagination our route looks like the figure of three as well. Mm, let’s call this the 3 trip!

Join us, book below  

What’s in and what’s out?

What's in?
All accommodation (sharing) sometimes camping, breakfast and dinner,
3 Day Intermediate course to off road riding,
Back-up vehicle with motorcycle trailer,
Koes pan rally entry and participation,
Bike repatriation if bike fits onto trailer,
Your dedicated jerry can for extra fuel,
Qualified medic, first aid kit,
Bush mechanic,
Plenty water. 

What's out?
Lunch, snacks, souvenirs, drinks and entry fees,
Bike repatriation if bike does not fit onto trailer,
Medical expenses and procedures,
Travel and medical insurance,
Fuel, oil and bike maintenance, 
Dinner at “Joe’s beer house”,
Items of personal nature,
Camping equipment.