Van Zyl pass, Namibia


Day 1 to 17

Leaving Wellington for the Cederberg in the afternoon gives us the opportunity to bond as a group under the roof of the hospitable couple Gerrit and Chantal Karstens at the Cederberg Oasis.
This bonding exercise is necessary as the trip will require a lot of member interaction to overcome the many obstacles that will be encountered on the trip.

This is your truly “Rough and ready” trip!

One water crossing! Air cooled gone liquid cooled!

Water crossing gone wrong!

Daily distances of up to 600 km, sand, river crossings, extreme ups and downs, technical riding as you have done few times in your life for days on end. Temperatures in the forties and flies that want to drink any body moisture that is exposed.

Herero and Himba culture will be experienced. Many a waterfall, game, snakes, scorpions and other wildlife will be seen.

This seventeen day 7000 km trip will take you to places rarely visited including the Marienfluss, Kunene river, Van Zyl’s pass, Epupa and Ruacana Falls, Messum Crater, Finger Klip (rock) and many more.

Come and join us on this epic trip and have the ride of your life.

Total distance for trip 7000 km plus.
Rental bikes not available for this trip.

For price and more information, contact us at  bookings@roughandready.co.za

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